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The night of the nine bows

Meryey the son of Ded was a king of the Libu tribe, and Keber was a king of the Mashwash tribe, and their reign was in the late thirteenth century BC, and their rule was contemporary to the rule of the pharaoh Merneptah. Meryey assembled an alliance to go to war against Merneptah, this alliance included Libu, The Mashwash, and the Sea Peoples who supplied the warriors with long swords, the place of the battle was in the western delta, in which meryey settled after their victory in the beginning, but after years Merneptah gathered a large army and attacked the western delta and defeated the alliance in Prosopis According to Egyptian writings. In this battle, the six children of Meryey son of ded were killed, and the reason for the name is the number of tribes that Meryey gathered to fight Merneptah.

Oil on canvas

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