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is Libyan self-thought visual artist, born in 1996, grew up and based in Benghazi-Libya, she is studying architecture in the university of Benghazi, she started doing her art 2018, and showed interest in figurative art as a way to express the experience of her self and others living in this era in a way people can relate to, and also expressing today’s world in connection with the heritage of the area, Shefa is obsessed about the use of distortion and how it can make the work more aggressive and has a power to provoke the viewer when it needs to. 

Shefa mainly uses oils in her work, but always experimenting with different mediums, have some acrylics painting and also some murals, also have interest in graphic designing.

Shefa absorbs what happens around her of the situation of her country and the Libyans experience as an art inspiration, also the rich historical content of Libya that needs to be spoken about.


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