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Shefa Salem al-Baraesi, a Libyan visual artist, was born and raised in the city of Benghazi in 1996. She studied architecture and urban planning, taught herself fine art, and began her artistic career at an early age. Beginning in 2018, Shefa appeared as a professional artist on the art scene in Libya. The artist’s artistic vision focuses on two dimensions, the personal and it deals with modern ideas and art schools as so as for the historical dimension of the Libyan heritage, specifying in reconstructing and visualizing the written literature and archeological aspect of Libyan history, which is manifested in the historical books and mythological narrative. In the artist’s works, the written stories on the pages of historians are transformed into visual media, as well as bringing reviving the spirit for the rock-art in the Libyan desert. This project is dedicated to the Libyan collective memory and identity, and it is a national project that desperately needed. Many labels can be given to the artist's style, but what includes all expressions is that she is a figurative artist.


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