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Libyan family of Tehenu

Libyan family of Tehenu

The painting is a depiction of the Libyan past and forgotten roots, and it is an imagination of a model from the Libyan Tehenu tribe and what it was like 4000 years ago. This Libyan family is depicted on the walls of the Bani Hassan tombs in Tomb No. 14.

This work is part of a group of paintings that I am working on under the title “The Identity Project”, in an attempt to re-imagine the Libyan identity at this confusing time for the Libyan self and its identity.

This work comes after a study and research in the history of that period, which talks about the manner of dress, the type of the leather used, the materials used in the accessories, the forms of tattoos, and the hairstyles of the Libyans.

oil on canvas