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Funeral rituals in the Acacus

This painting is a reimagining of a mural discovered by the archaeologist Fabrizio, Mori while working in the Acacus Mountains, and he wrote about it in his very important book ” Tadrart Acacus. Arte Rupestre E Culture Del Sahara Preistorico”. Mori found this mural on a rock frame in a hideout in ” Uan Muhuggiag” and says about it: “It is a unique model of its kind to this day in the totality of rock arts.” Nothing of the features of this painting became clear until after the wall of the cache was wetted several times, and despite the difficulty of understanding the details of the mural, Mori was able to deduce all its details, and the importance of this painting lies In being located within the spiritual world of the inhabitants of the Acacus, and that it clearly refers to the funerary rituals and the use of the boat in them, and there is no doubt that this mural proves that the use of the boat in the funerary rituals in Libya is much older than those rituals in Pharaonic Egypt, and that the journey of the god Ra in his solar boat has been started in Libya and moved to Upper Egypt with Libyan immigrants on a journey in search of water after the land in the Acacus turned into a barren desert.

Oil on canvas

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